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MTV Awards Recap

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards gave us everything we hoped for and so much more last night. All day I have constantly been thinking, "How the Hell are they going to top that next year". Kanye will have to slap Amber Rose on stage while she's giving birth to even come close to the shenanigans that were broadcast on last nights show. Two of the most talked about parts of the show was when Mr. West politely asked for the Mic from Country Sweetheart Taylor Swift and stated his Bosses wife, Beyonce, was robbed of the best video award. I absolutely agree with what Mr. West said but I completely disagree with the way he went about voicing his opinion. I found it very comforting that we as a people were able to come together and no matter how much we luv Kanye state that he was dead wrong for his actions. Kanye has since apologized and hopefully we can one day move on from this incredibly entertaining incident. The second among many eye catching incidents was when Lil Mama felt the Jay Z and Alicia Keys performance so much that she decided to invite herself to join them on stage. Lil Mama, I am not mad at you and as matter of fact when I watched Jay Z do his Benefit performance at Madison Square garden I wanted nothing more than to jump on stage with him myself, but reality usually kicks in and that inner voice tells you that might not be such a good idea...Lil Mama where was your inner voice? After all is said and done who are we to judge? In closing again I will state that the MTV 09 Video Music award will be a tough cookie to beat but you never what's in store for the upcoming BET Hip Hop awards...

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