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Key Fashion Pieces for The Single Girls Wardrobe

The Little Black Dress
This is a style staple and a fashion must have for the single girl of 2010! When worn the right way the little black dress screams confidence and sophistication. It is very important that you find the right one that accentuates your shape and makes you feel beautiful when you're wearing it.

We all have them but having the right pair that fits you perfect in all the right spots definitely won't go unnoticed. Make sure you stay away from the mom jeans and the ones that are too tight and accentuate the wrong things (muffin top).

Hooker Heels
No matter if you go for the 3 inch heels or go all the way in your 6 inch hotties every girl needs a great pair of heels for her dating wardrobe. Not only will they make your legs look leaner and longer but men always respect a girl who can walk, run, and play pool in a great pair of hooker heels.

Workout Gear
Men luv knowing that although you're packing on the meals during your dates that his potential girl is keeping her health and weight under control by being serious about fitness and working out. Doesn't matter if you're going to the gym or on an afternoon hike make sure you always have a cute workout outfit ready to go!

Freakum Dress
Ladies you never know when you may have to turn up the heat on your date and the perfect way to do so is to slip into your sexiest freakum dress. Made Famous by Mrs. Beyonce the Freakum Dress shows that while your soft and sweet on the inside when the timing is right you can kick it with the best of them.....
That concludes my list of key pieces for the single girls wardrobe. Hopefully with these pieces and the advice from the Frugal, Flirty, N Fab! you won't be single for long....

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