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Golden Globes Fashion Run Down!

 Being that I luv all things RED January Jones gets my vote for best dress of the night. Everything was perfect from head to toe!

 Let's face it, there aren't too many dresses that are gonna look bad on Sofia Vargas. I like that fact that she chose to go with a color she knew would stand out from the other gowns.

 While I did like Anne's dress I found it to be a little ill fitting in the stomach area, but the back of the dress saved the day! I feel as though Anne went a little too safe for me.

 Honestly I don't think there was anything special about Angelina's dress but I did appreciate the fact that she stepped away from all the black this go round.

 Eva's dress was nice as always but I was waiting for the Tony Parker Eat Your Heart Out Look that never happened. There was even a certain sadness about Eva that made me feel some kinda way.....

 I really enjoyed the beauty and playfulness of Olivia's dress and shoes but what the hell happened with her hair? Ruined the entire look for me!

 Scarlett was beautiful as always but I think she too played it a little too safe.

 Natalie Portman is having the best year of her life and this is what she decided to wear to the Golden Globe Awards????
 Halle is my girl and can make anything look good but I need to know what the hell she was thinking wearing this GOD Awful frock to the awards!!! Halle you have some explaining to do for this one!


J-Lo has body for days and this is the way she decides to show her appreciation for it??? This would have been a perfect look for Meryl Streep!

 Just last week I gathered up several fashion images of Michele Williams because I wanted to do a post on her fashion transformation and how much I really love her Retro style.....Rest assured that post won't be popping up anytime soon after this disaster!!!

And there you have a run down of the Golden Globe Fashions according to the Frugal Flirty N Fab! Feel free to post comments.

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