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Billboard Fashion Review the Hot and What Nots!

The Stars were out and about last night for the Billboard Music Awards but did the fashions live up to your expectations?

Beyonce definitely put the doubters to rest last night when she showed the world that not only do Girls Run the World but She is definitely the leader of the group! Beyonce gave me everything I needed last night from her show stopping performance, to her barely there Super Hot performance outfit, to her shout out to her Hubby pronouncing her luv for him...Beyonce Killed it!

Normally I'm not a big fan of Michelle's style but last night I think she actually got it right! At first glance I thought her dress was doing the most but after a couple looks I think it was perfect for her and she rocked it.

Britney Spears was one of the hottest accessories of the night performing with both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj but her plain black dress actually left alot to be desired.

Kelly has a hit song, a killer body, and what appears to be a sweet personality, but while her dress was super sexy at this stage I think wearing a bandage dress is simply a cop out...Step ya game up Kelly!

Keri's makeup was beyond on point last night but between the dress, the belt, and the shoes I quickly lost interest in the look.

The only thing I can say about this look is why would someone do this to Ke$ha? Better yet why would Ke$ha allow this?

Not a huge fan of Mary's dress but I did like the fact that she took it back with the ponytail!

Rihanna went out on a limb last night and rocked the menswear trend to perfection. Her makeup was absolute heaven but I would have preferred to see something a little different with the hair.

Nicki, Nicki, Nick, I am really tired of having the same conversation with you over and over, Please seek wardrobe help before it too late!

Selena Gomez went with a rather sophisticated look which made things a little awkward seeing her kiss Justin Bieber....Is she 18 or 48?

What were your fashion highs and lows of the Billboard Music Awards?

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