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Last night I attended round 2 of the NBA Playoff Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics game at the American Airlines Arena and boy did I have a ball! Not only did the Heat win (Go Heat) but the chicken tenders and specialty drinks made my night that much more enjoyable!! Celebrities such as Drake, Lil Weezy,Serena Williams, and Christian Slater were all in the building to see the HEAT clinch their second round playoff game but enough about that, lets talk about what I wore to the game.

This is my complete outfit but read below as I give you a breakdown of my HEATwear!

I started the look with a simple red wife beater underneath a white one purchased yesterday from Forever 21 for $3.50

Normally I'm not fond of wearing white but because the HEAT are all about being White Hot, I though the occassion was perfect for me to rock white jeans. These are simple distressed white skinny jeans that I purchased from a store in Dolphine Mall  for $29.99 a couple months ago and as you can see they are Fab! for this particular event.

Since color is one of my best friends I fell in luv with these beauties the moment I laid eyes on them. The best thing about these shoes is that they are so comfortable I feel like I can run a marathon everytime I put them on. I purchased them from Charlotte Russe 2 months ago for $39.99. Although I was one of the only people at the game in my heels trust when I say I represented and even got compliments on my bold game shoe choice.

To complete the look I chose to wear these red feather earrings that I purchased over the weekend from Mint for $8.99

These are the tshirts that were provided to all the game attendees! (Cute)
Have you ever attended a special sporting event and if so, What Did You Wear?


  1. I have been seraching for a pair of white ripped skinny jeans for about a year now, with no luck! Can you provide a detailes post on the brand and price of the jeans? I would love to get my hands on a pair!~~~~~Princess


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