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Fendi A Fashionista Requirement

If you know anything about fashion then you'd know the name Fendi is synonymous with classic styling and the utmost grace. Fendi which is probably most popular for its handbags is currently a Mega Brand consisting of luxury goods including clothing, shoes, furs, fragrances, and eyewear. Fendi is a favorite amongst celebrities  most recently worn by Lea Michelle, Carey Mulligan, Kerry Washington, and Beyonce Knowles.

Being a Luxury brand conglomerate doesn't come without controversy with animal rights activist and fur protesters often throwing paint and chanting dissatisfaction over the brands popular use of fur, but today I gave you a brief lesson in Fendi to ask, can you really title yourself a fashionista if don't own Fendi?

While we all have our own way of answering this question let me show you just how you too can rock Fendi

When deciding what Fendi item to chose as long as you go with something that's classic you never have to worry about your item being inappropriate for any fashion situation that presents itself.

When choosing the perfect Fendi Handbag make sure it compliments a variety of different outfits and plays up your best features and body type. Your bag should show your personality without you ever having to say a word.
I luv talking Fendi, now get out there and Rock It!

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