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Tale of Two Jenn's!

I was reviewing some of my older blog posts  last week and I realized I am quite harsh on Jennifer when it comes to her fashion sense, which from the way she sometimes dresses I find fully justified.  Then I have to remind myself that just because a person loses weight does not mean they are going to have a better perspective on style, it just means they will wear a smaller size. When I reviewed pictures of  Big Jen I realized that her style was basically just as off then as it is now. So today instead of bashing Jennifer's wayward style, I'm going to applaud the effort she's making and simply pray for the Fashion Gods, Weight Watchers, Neffie from Dream Girls, Winnie Mandela, Punk, Rachel Zoe, or anyone for that matter  to offer some assistance to my friend Jen! Is there a heart in the house tonight?

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