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I get that the color Tangerine being labeled the "IT" color and being worn by some of you favorite celebrities makes you wanna run out and grab everything off the rack in this color
But don't be so fascinated that you lose track of the style and design that works for your particular body type...Lets face it, if the frock is UGLY or Ill FITTING you just look like a Tangerine Fool!
Fashion Trends-Tangerine

Dorothy Perkins t shirt dress, $17
Oasis boat neck dress, $35
Dress, £27


  1. This is a color I love and have always loved even before it became a trend. It is such a gorgeous color! I cant wait to pull all of those bold orange dresses out for summer!

  2. This is a bold and beautiful color.. I just purchased some Guess shoes this color.. I am ready to be bold and beautiful rocking them. Thanks for the information you provide.

  3. I love the color and dresses. Wish I had the arms so I would wear the first too. I just did my mother nails in this color and it looks great.


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