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Personal Style-How I Rock RED!

One of my favorite  comedians Lil Duval performed last night at the Ft. Lauderdale HardRock Improv and I can't even begin to tell you how hard I laughed and how much I enjoyed the show! After the show ended I headed to the Mediterranean Hookah bar and tried the Hookah for the first time which was interesting to say the least.....Let's take a look at my Comedy/Hookah Style!!

Red is of couse my favorite color so I was super pleased to find this cute frock especially with VDay being just around the corner. I bought the blue shoes last weeked and I have to say I've been obsessed with them and luv the contrast they add to the red dress.
I really want to step my accessories game up but for right now I go crazy over anything large. I also think that adding gold to my colorful look made it complete! My favorite thing about the earrings are how super lite they are which is something I look for....
Dress 2bebe, shoes Dior, earrings Mint


  1. You look fabulous in red, and that's not a look everyone can pull off. :-)

    P.S. I love hookah and have even toyed with the idea of opening a Hookah bar (when I win the lotto).

    1. Thanks Amber I luv the color red and make sure you invite me to your Hookah bar grand opening!


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