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Jazz in the Gardens-The Experience!!

When I first received the email stating I'd been approved to attend the 7th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Festival as press I immediately thought someone had made a mistake that would leave me crying in a corner somewhere down the line, but as time went on I came to the realization that maybe my D-List blogging status was finally ready to take a jump to the next level .....Follow me!

At the press conference I begin to realize exactly what an awesome opportunity I'd been given and that I would make the best of this experience I'd dreamed of having for so long. As I sat in the large fairly empty room at the Diplomat Hotel I kinda didn't know what to expect from the press conference, but as soon as MC. Lyte walked in it was obvious this would be a weekend I wouldn't soon forget!

The lineup for Day 1 of the Festival was Ramsey Lewis, Doug E. Fresh, Ledisi, Kem, and the beautiful Ms. Jill Scott. Everything was decked out and easy to understand for press and we were basically enjoying the show from an area on the left side of the stage making it very convenient to get pictures and also have a great view of the artists scheduled to perform.

MC. Lyte who was hosting the event came to the stage to introduce Doug E. Fresh and this is when things took off! Press was allowed to come to the front of the stage and take as many pictures as possible of the artist. In the midst of being overwhelmed with the idea of even being in the presence of Mr. Doug E. Fresh (creator of the Dougie Dance) I turned around, stood on a stand stand and took a glimpse into the audience that will forever be embedded into my memory. To my surprise in the audience I saw thousands upon thousands of the most beautiful brown skinned people I'd ever seen in my life laughing, singing and dancing while Doug E. Fresh performed,"The show"! In all my 30+ years I can never recall seeing such a large amount of people having this kind of a good time! The last time I witnessed anything even close to this was at a Jay Z Concert which really even couldn't compare to this sight! Doug E. Fresh set the stage for Day 1 but greatness was surrounding the Sun Life Stadium!

Doug E. Fresh

R&B singer Kem came out after Doug E. Fresh and set the mood right for all the lovers and couples in the audience. Kem dazzled and amazed with his smooth vocals and oh so sexy lyrics. Didn't know much about Kem before his performance but directly after his first song trust me Kem made a believer out of me!


The talented Jill Scott was the closing act for the evening taking the crowd on a musical journey with her neo soul hits and mesmerizing melodies. The crowd sung along as Jill left guests wanting more and jonesing to get back for day2.

Jill Scott

The linup for the Day 2 was Kevin Eubanks, Nicole Henry, Kenny G, Patti LaBelle, and Mary J Blige. Kenny G intrigued the crowd with his saxophone preparing everyone for the Incredible Pattie LaBelle to take us over the rainbow. At 67 years young Patti sounded beautiful as ever and even left some of the concert goers with a lost of breath with her illuminating talent. "Could this really be", I thought to myself, "Am I really just a armslenght away from Ms. Pattie LaBelle"? Patti's voice left myself and so many others in a state of euphoria. To make it even more entertaining  Pattie kicked off her shoes and showed the crowd why we have all come to love her so much!  I couldn't believe the show could get any better but I'd be lying if I didn't say I couldn't wait to see how Mary J. Blige would close out the show.

Kenny G performing

Kenny G answering questions for press

Pattie LaBelle

Its one thing to listen to Mary J Blige on the radio but I must say nothing in life compared to seeing Mary work the Jazz in the Gardens stage while over 25,000 onlookers looked on in pure amazement. Mary took us on a trip from Mr. Do wrong to Mr Do Right with many of her classics such as I'm Going Down, and Happy in between! She danced, jumped, kicked, shouted, screamed, preached, taught and tore the stage down for over an hour! She was so unbelievable I'm not even sure I can put the feeling into words!!....Amazing, Amazing Amazing!
Mary J. Blige

Minister Louis Farrakhan Blessed us with his presence

This was the 7th year of the Annual Jazz in the Gardens Festival and at the conclusion all I could do was wonder why it was the first time I'd attended. Hope you enjoyed my experience being a newbie on the block as a first time Blogger. While this years festival has come to a conclusion just be ready for a bigger and even better festival next year! But of course I can't let you leave without talking a little about the fashions at Jazz in the Gardens, Take a Look!
This guy loved Mary so much he decided to have her picture painted on his Mohawk...WOW!

Myah looked great in this H&M Jacket, Forever 21 skirt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

Myrna Lisa kept it designer down with a Louie shoes, belt, clutch and Gucci Shades

I decided to keep it cute and casual in this striped Maxi dress from Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed this Journey as much as I did and next year meet me there! Special thanks to Melissa from Circle One marketing for giving me this opportunity and the city of Miami Gardens for organizing such a special event! Photos courtesy of Quiet Noise Photography!

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