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Judge Not my Wild Rose!

While I luv fashion I am often reminded that I don't know everything and will never know all there is to know about it because like with everything else fashion is everchanging. Take my most recent shoe purchase for instance. Many many years ago when my shoe budget was significantly less than it is now, I would visit my local 9.99 shoe store and they'd be filled with Wild Rose shoes. At the time it was what I had to work with but follow me as I introduce you to the fashion change game. A couple weeks ago I visited my favorite store Teeque inside of Pembroke Lakes Mall and I was pleasantly surprised when I ran into these beauties sitting inside the store window whispering sweet nothings to me. Heavily engaged in the color blocking trend these shoes were everything to me so I asked the associate to give me a pair in a 6.5 and shortly afterwards left the store.

A couple days later when I pulled the shoes out the box I was surprised to look and see the brand name was Wild Rose. To be honest I felt some kind of way seeing the name that to me had been synonymous with the 9.99 shoe store. I didn't know if I was in my feelings about the shoes because I bought them for $39 and felt ripped off or because they reminded me of a not so fashionable time in my life. After a couple days of thinking about when and where I would wear them I realized Wild Rose quite like myself was fashionably changing and who was I to look negatively at a shoe brand that was obviously trying to do the same things as me with my blog which is show that fashion is everchanging and style is determined not by price but in the likes, dislikes, and creativity of the individual. I say all this to say please don't let price be the determining factor of your individual style. In the end you may walk the path of the road less traveled but who chooses a life lead not in color but merely black and white?????

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