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The Truth About Stripes!

For as long as I can remember I've had this crazy thought in my head to stay away from stripes because for some strange reason they'd make you appear larger. Not sure exactly where this came from but when I found this really cute striped Maxi dress at a GREAT price I felt obligated to set my beliefs aside and give this beauty a try...Best decision Ever! Now I feel obligated to tell my readers forget what you heard and give stripes a chance....I did, take a look!!
I luv everthing about this dress from it's fab colors to perfect length to the way it hugs my curves......

Now that you know the Truth About Stripes, Will you Rock em?

Dress and Shoes Madrag, Earrings Burlington, Pink Pout Maybelline, Accessories Forever 21, Pink Headband Unknown


  1. OMGoooodness...I love this dress! The fro is something fierce too! I have been swooning over stripes as of late. I wear them whether or not they make me look


    1. Thanks Tavia!! I think its about finding the stripes that work for you and owning the look.

  2. This dress looks so fab on you! You look so pretty! I love your hair, too.

  3. I love this free, you look amazing in this. I love stripes.


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