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Jill Scott I have Questions!

Jill I am a huge fan of yours and I appreciate the fact that you are a great representation of the Strong Black Woman, but when you come out looking like this, it leaves me with Questions!

1. Who authorized this?
2. Did your stylist have Quarterback Couture in mind with this look?
Did Tamar and her sister have anything to do with this?
4. Was this the doings of a disgruntled ex boyfriend?
5. Did you pass any mirrors before showing up at this event in this outfit?

I really dislike when bad fashions strike otherwise really good people but hey, what can I do....Do you have questions for Jill?


  1. I can't help but laugh at some of your comments. I love Jill, but I am definitely not loving this look at all.

  2. Why do celebrities have to dress a certain way or have to look a certain way to be accepted in mainstream society? I think that it is cool for a celebrity to feel comfortable enough to let their hair down and feel comfortable with taking risks and chances with style and music. Don't hate....Appreciate!


Thanks for commenting its greatly appreciated.