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Pretty Little Liars!

If there's one thing you should know about the Frugal Flirty N Fab, It's that I like Pretty Things! My mother likes Pretty things and so did her mother before her so that's just the way it is. Add a cute price onto a nice dress, fab shoes etc and I'm sold! That's exactly what happened when I entered Charlotte Russe on Sunday. I ran into these beauties and this is how the story goes......
It was instant luv at first sight in the store. It was the only pair left, perfect size 6, and they were marked down from the original price of $40 to $10! Match made in heaven or so I thought! I found it funny that I even saw these shoes considering I just did a post the other day on Spikes and Studds. I tried them on, glided over the floor twice then proceeded to the register with the biggest smile on my face!

I couldn't wait to wear these beauties so first thing yesterday morning I got up, put on my fiercest black and white print dress and headed to the office to show everyone who the real Boss was, and that's when things started to go astray......

By the time I reached the office I was in so much pain I could hardly walk from the parking garage to my fourth floor office. How could something so beautiful be so painful? I mean I could barely even perform my catwalk in the hallway to get my coffee due to the terrible numbness that was happening with my feet. It was a little embarrassing considering there are only 3 females in the entire office and the 2 of them were both out yesterday. Don't get me wrong I received many compliments on the shoes but I am positive the fact that I was holding my breath with every step was way more than noticeable!

And if that wasn't bad enough, for lunch I decided to walk across the street to pick up my order of Special Fried Rice turning a 2 minute walk into one of the worst walks of shame in my life!!!!Oh the horror! I couldn't wait to get home yesterday to take them off. The lesson I learned is sometimes, things that appear so perfect on the outside can quickly become Pretty Little Liars! Do I regret buying the shoes, No, Will I wear them again, Maybe, maybe not. It just goes back to what I said in the beginning. I really like pretty things so just seeing them sitting on my shoe shelf is somehow good enough for me.....How do you handle spur of the moment purchases that turn out to be not so good for you buys?