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This Week in Celebrity Style!

This Week in Celebrity Style we have Venus Williams, Queen Latifah and Salli Richardson so lets get right into it!
Let's start with tennis Superstar Venus Williams, Is it me or do you also feel as though you've never seen her look better. This beautiful sassy and chic yellow mini is perfect for her athletic frame and looks gorgeous on her skin tone. Hair , makeup, shoes and accessories help finish the look. This is how I'd always like to see Venus look!
What can I say about the beautiful and ageless Salli Richardson? Check out the gams on Salli, Incredible! The nude tube mini and shoes look great and the pop of color definitely brings the look to life. Just what you should always expect when you see Salli, Fabness!
Last but not least we have the Uber Talented Queen Latifah! The one thing I can say about the Queen is that she knows how to dress her body and for the most part does a damn good job! This seafoam color is absolutely perfect for her complexion and the fit does her justice. Nude shoes and a super cute pony tail add the finishing touches to the look.
Thanks for joining me in This Week in Celebrity Style. What are your thoughts on my Celebrity hotties Queen Latifah, Venus Williams, and Salli Richardson? Is there anything you would change about the looks above? Let's discuss! 

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