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Blogging Gratification!

After 3plus years of blogging, over 2,636 post, and a will to make it in the blogging industry, it was just one email that has changed my whole perspective on blogging. What I thought was just another typical Monday turned out to be one of the biggest and brightest days in my blogging life! The email I Speak of was from, which is a dedicated site for Blog Authors. They were congratulating me on being one of the Featured Bloggers of the day and thanked me for the brilliant work that I was doing. I have to admit, when I first read the email I thought maybe they'd made some sort of mistake and just went about my business as usual. By the time I reached work and logged into my Blogger account I could hardly believe what I saw!! It was only 9:15 in the a.m and I already had over 100 new friend request and congratulatory emails in my account.  At that point I realized that being the Featured Blogger was a huge deal and came with some GREAT perks!!! I became so excited I could hardly contain myself!(dramatic much) Was this the big break I'd been so patiently waiting for, only time would tell. The rest of my Monday went just as beautifully. By the end of the day I'd racked up over 500 new blogger friends, Brand new Sponsorship inquiries, increase in my my Facebook Fan Page Likes and new possible business opportunities I couldn't have dreamt up If I wanted to! I'm saying all this to say, I know its not easy, but when you luv what you do and try your best to give it your all one day soon you too will receive that email that opens that door for you. To the team over at Bloggers who recognized me when I often feel so invisible I say thank you so much for seeing something in me that sometimes I forget exists! To my bloggers that blog with me everyday I say hang in there and its true, you never know who's watching. To my readers I say thank you for allowing me to share this great moment in my blogging life with you, and for anyone who has ever had a dream I say, "When your mind says give up hope really does whisper one more try"!
Just in case anyone was wonderding why I decided to post several hair shots to go along with this post, It's clearly because I'm having a full blown luv affar with my hair and look for every opportunity I can to show it off. You all aren't going to judge me for that , Are you????Lol and Thanks for stopping by! Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend about the Frugal Flirty N Fab!


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