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Buy Borrow Bury- Cute and Casual Edition!

There's nothing like a Cute N Casual look that serves its purpose, but we all know sometimes people can get a little carried away! In this weeks edition of Buy Borrow Bury we have the Casual Stylings of Traci Ellis Ross, Meagan Good and Melanie Fiona. If you had to choose an option for each of these looks, which would you Buy, Borrow and Bury? Choose Wisely!



  1. Buy Tracee , Borrow Melanie, and Bury Megan. Is that harsh? I feel like it's harsh but it's just MHO :)

    1. Brandyne Meagan needs a little harsh luv for this look so don't feel bad....:-)


  2. I am a frequent visitor in your blogs, this post is very interesting and easy to read .... I hope to visit again


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