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Thursday Personal Style Look of the Day!

Happy Thursday Fab Fashionistas! Hope all is fashionably swell today! So yesterday I mistakenly sent an email that was meant for my Boss's eyes only to 7 other people in our company making it that much more important that I look the part of someone who has some damn sense today! Rule #9 in the Frugal Flirty N Fab Fashion Handbook, When all else fails, Dress up!
Stalked and purchased this beautifully detailed maxi a couple weeks ago at Forever 21 and waited for what I felt was the appropriate time to wear it to work. Although you really can't tell much from the photos the navy spiked pumps complimented the maxi very well adding a bit of edge to complete the look. So what do you think Fashionistas, Was my stylish frock enough to make everyone forget about my previous workday blunder? What message does your 9-5 Style convey?
Dress: Forever21-$15
Shoes: Charlotte Russe-$10
Earrings: MadRag-$3
Total Cost of Thursday's Look: $28


  1. Cute outfit! My job I have to wear basically a uniform :( So my work style is very boring lol

    1. April I've been there before so I know exactly how you feel.....

  2. Beautiful dress girlie!!! I think it is appropriate for work. You rocked it well :)

    With Love,


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