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Celebrity Style Roundup!

While I spent a majority of my weekend lounging around in sweats and eating up my Hurricane Isaac can goods lets take a look at what some of our most fashionable Celebrities were wearing out and about!
Rihanna Girl I luv you and I know times are tough,but what could possibly be so bad that you thought it was OK to wear this? I have questions......
I am such a huge fan of Angela's style but something about this basic all black ensemble just doesn't do it for me..
I know lots of you will disagree with me on this look but I luv it and I think Mary looks fab! Keep in mind this is her performance outfit before you judge so harshly!
Jordan this look is definitely not going to get you any upcoming  Feature Film Roles... Hire a stylist ASAP!
Leave it to the Fab Serena William to save the day in this Chic Fit for Fall ensemble! Luv it!
That wraps up this edition of Celebrity Style. In your opinion which of these Celebrities Rocked and Socked?


  1. Girl I agree with ALL your comments! Come on RiRi! And Angela looks a tad stumpy in this look. Mary looks awesome! *le sigh* at Jordin. Serena has been serving power style lately. Get em boo!

  2. Love your analysis.

  3. I just saw MJB in concert last night and while I absolutely LOVE her, that red outfit was not the business to me. The boots were fly though.


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