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Celebrity Style Soundoff!

Happy Hump Day Fab Fashionistas! Hope everyone is having an extremely fashionable day.  While I'm fully aware that all is fair in luv and fashion let's take a look at the latest fits of some of our favorite celebrities.
I enjoy a good mix of patterns as much as the next girl, but please please please promise me you'll be careful when trying this at home! I have seen some results too horrible to even mention. This isn't my favorite look from Solange but none the less she rocks everything in my book!

I luv that Angels is giving us ladylike couture but I personally would have gone with different shoes for this look. I feel like the ankle straps shorten her legs a bit and we never ever want that! Luv the dress!
I'm mad at Kim's team, friends, publicist, cousins, fans, family, and anyone else who thought this was OK to show up at a New York Fashion event wearing!!! The Horror!!

I am becoming such a fan of Estelle's style. She has such an act of accessorizing and making simple elegant with just a few additions.....Luv it!
Red is my favorite color so I find myself easily offended when people such as Melody abuse its power!  This my dear is just WRONG!

Heard last night that Jumpers are the new Black Dress, and if they look anything like this fab navy wide leg one Vanessa Williams is rockin then count me in! Luv the draping of this look!
That's it for this weeks edition of Celebrity style but before you go leave me a comment telling me who's Celebrity Style Rocked and Socked in your book! Thanks!



  1. I'm sorry but Angela and Solange hands down killed it. They look gorg!

  2. I love Solange, and everybody was ragging on her hair, personally i think she just doesn't care, and it looks great.

  3. Angela killed it! Loved! #BLMGirl

  4. The first two are amazing. So effortless but chic.


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