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How I Rocked Peter Pan!

Earlier today I shared with you my Peter Pan Wishlist, but in addition to sharing with you the ones I want, I thought it would be kinda cool to show you how I rock the one I currently have. Picked up this fab find a couple weeks ago at Forever 21 for an amazing $8! I thought it would be a perfect no fuss look to throw on for a quick mall outing or simply a  lazy Saturday! I luv the idea that this dress can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Check me out!
Are you a fan of the Peter Pan trend?
Dress:Forever 21
Shoes: Burlington
Blazer: Ross


  1. This is so cute & priced just right!


  2. Glad that you are getting some things checked off your list. Cute concept!

  3. I am a total fan of the Peter Pan trend. I just recently bought a shirt like this from Forever 21 too! Mine is the inverse of your shirt though (black collar) and I paired it with a black, polka dot skirt. I felt so girly wearing it! :)


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