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Kailee-Heaven Sent!

Good evening Fab Fashionistas, I am  approximately 34 minutes away from starting my Weekend and I'm beyond excited! Is it just me or has Friday turned into one of the longest and most drawn out days of the week???? I mean it seems as thought it takes forever to come to a close! Because I know my Fridays are going to be a little special I try to make it a point to wear something new or different that I luv to keep my attention from running all over the place. I also find that wearing hot shoes to work are great conversation starters and allow me to easily introduce new readers who like my style to the Frugal Flirty N Fab! Today I decided to introduce Kailee to the 9-5, Check her out!

 It was basically luv at first sight when I walked into Bakers and found Kailee staring at me! She was looking for a good home and luckily for her I was looking for a shoe I could call my own!

Kailee also comes in a beautiful black which was originally my first choice and rest assured ladies they are as comfortable as you can get!. Due to the fact that they were out of my size in the black I went with the red. I believe everything happens for one reason or another so I think I was just destined to have the red Kailee in my life!
What hot shoes are you planning on introducing to the world this weekend?

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  1. Great convo starter shoes...btw the red ones are hotter anyway (literally and figuratively) heheheeh


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