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Personal Style and Hump Day Happiness!

Happy Hump Day my Luvs! Hope everyone is off to a wonderful start this Wednesday! Well I'm excited because today is open house for my 9yr old fourth grader and I can't wait to officially meet his teacher. As parents it's so important that we play a vital role in the education of our kids. I mean if we don't then who will? I always make it a must to make sure I build a healthy relationship with my kids teacher because they play a very important role in the lives of our children. First impressions are everything so I want to make sure I'm wearing something that says I'm strong, confident, caring, intelligent, and ready to do my part as a parent in my child's education, so here's what I'm wearing to Open House....
Black and White are a very classic and chic color combination so I knew this would work well for today's activities!

I know you guys are tired of me putting my hands on my hips in every picture but I promise I'm working on it!

I just wouldn't be myself if I didn't add a POP of color to my look so I topped it off with my red studded pumps!

Completed my look with gold n black hoops, black long chain, and a pink pout, How do I look?
Blouse: Forever21
Wide Leg High Waist pants: Express
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Burlington
Necklace: Forever 21
Pink Pout: NYC Blue Rose

How important is what you wear when it comes to making a difference in the lives of others?


  1. Cute outfit! I definitely agree with you when it comes to parent involvement! My daughter just started school this year and I plan to build a very good relationship with her teacher. I make sure to have contact with her through the communication folder she sends home and I will do my best to be at all parent/teacher meetings! Teachers spend the most time with your kids during the day and I feel it's important to have open and productive relationships.


  2. Very nice, perfect for the Open House. We too have high school open house this evening at 7, so I'll be wearing my work attire as seen in my today's blog. Stay involved and have a successful school year!

  3. Oh how I love your outfit!! You look so lovely! I really love that top :)

    With Love,

  4. That outfit is hott! Love the shirt! I agree with you. My daughter is 15 and in the 10th grade and I am excited to meet her new teachers this year and build a relationship with them. It is sooooo important that I know them and were are on the same page when it comes to my daughters' education.



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