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Fashion Double Standards and Outfit of the Day!

Happy Thursday FABulites! Hope you day is going well as always! We are experiencing the outer effects of Hurricane Sandy so the South Florida Weather is not so nice today but we'll get through it. So I have this habit of many years telling people how much I paid for certain things and its not because I'm a showoff it's because I absolutely LUV telling people about the great deals I find. But after the experience I had yesterday I just might want to rethink my actions. Yesterday in the elevator at work there was this nicely dressed woman with a super fab bag so I stated, "I luv your bag"!
 She responded by telling me she spent 1500 on the bag, another 800 on the shoes and over 500 on the accessories she was wearing. I was stunned and didn't really know how to respond! In my head she'd just called me a basic bi*** which lead to me giving her a virtual slap!! She was headed to the Penthouse suite and I was headed to the 4th floor so I purposely pushed the buttons for floors 7,8, and 9 just to give her a little time to think about her inappropriate response. As a bargain shopper I luv telling people even strangers how much I've spent on certain items, but the question I have today is, Is it OK to do the same when you purchase expensive items? Did I have the right to be offended by someone who did what I have done on numerous occasions just on different ends of the pay scale? Is it ever ok to discuss pricing after receiving a fashion compliment? Soundoff on the Frugal Flirty N Fab! 
While you ponder on my question of the day let me share with you my Outfit of the Day!
Shirt Forever 21
Skinny Jeans Heritage 1981
Shoes Ziginy
Earrings Burlington


  1. I wouldn't take her comment personally. It was obviously about her issues and not you. Love the floral top!


  2. Wow!! She didnt have to tell you how much she spent on those items. I can't stand when people tell me that. She has issues don't even worry about her :) Love your outfit hunny!

    With Love,

  3. Wow, I don't tell people how much or how little I paid, but I do enjoy telling them that it was thrifted - lol. Looking good sis - hope the school year is going well.

  4. Super cute look hunni and LOL at you pushing the buttons for floors 7, 8, and 9! I will tell people if I got a really good deal but I do not tell prices. I have learned what's a good deal to me may still be unaffordable to some people. I don't like folks to feel as if I'm showboating.

  5. I also get excited over a good deal so I can see why you'd want to share it with people. On the other hand, I am semi-embarassed by the high price of some items I've purchased (Louboutin's) and cringe when people ask my how much they cost. I certainly wouldn't just spout out "oh, I paid $--- for these shoes!" In my opinion that's so declasse. I agree with Fashion Pad- what's a great deal to you might not be a great deal to others so just keep it simple "I got the best deal on this at a thrift shop", etc.
    Don't take what she said personally. Some people lack self worth and try to "impress" others through their spending habits. For all you know she could be $30k in debt... nearly $3k being just what she had on. So don't feel inferior because someone has more expensive items. Many times it just means they don't mind to max out their credit ;)


Thanks for commenting its greatly appreciated.