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Monday Madness and Fit of the Day!

Happy Monday  FABulites, I hope everyone enjoyed a GREAT weekend! I managed to catch a couple good Redbox movies, did some bargain shopping, and even managed to get in on the Early voting YAY!! Speaking of shopping the most horrendous thing happened while I was shopping with my Hubby on Saturday. We walked into one of my stores and the sales rep called me by my name and proceeded to discuss with me in detail all the new merchandise in stock!! Now I knew the only reason she knew who I was was simply because I took the time to pass out my business cards and introduce the girls to my blog a couple weeks prior. But to my Hubby when the store employees know you on a first name basis its because you have done some damage in the store. I thought about pretending I had no idea who she was talking to but after another of the employees told me it was good seeing me again I knew I was busted! But hey, what's a Budgetista to do?? Anyways check out my Outfit of the day and feel free to share with me how you spent your weekend. To all my people dealing with Hurricane Sandy Keep ya head up and be safe!!
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  1. It's always cool to shop where folks know your name!!!! I've been looking for some good movies to watch because basic cable is just that: BASIC!!!! Lol!!!!

    I'm praying for everyone that may be affected by the storm as well!!!!


    1. Thanks LA Lynn!! As for the movies I watched, Woman thou Art Loose, 5Year Engagement and The Lucky One and they were all pretty great!!


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