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9 Frugal Options for Werking the Deep V!

Ladies and gentlemen, in the world of the Frugal Flirty n Fab nothing could be sexier than knowing how to werk a deep V cut look. Actress Gabrielle Union is the Queen of this look in my book but lets see if I can help you give her a run for her money....Just a couple things to keep in mind when perfecting this look. 1. Its an oldie but a goodie, never expose boobs and booty at the same time. (no exceptions)! 2. Make sure to keep it classy and wear the look with confidence. 3. To keep the chest as the focal point don't take too much attention away with too many accessories, especially bulky necklaces, Got it? Now check out my 9 options for perfecting the deep V on a budget and head out and make Momma proud!

The Deep V

Will you be werking a deep v in the near future?
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