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8 Fab Faux Furs Under $50!!

Happy Sunday Fabulites!! I totally live for my Sunday rest day although I barely get any rest, but apparently this is the circle of life! Anywho I picked up a really fab pair of boots on Friday night that I will share with you in an upcoming post, and ever since I've been dreaming of Rocking them with only the finest of Faux Fur. I have to admit, when I see someone care enough to add the faux fur to their outfit my fashion senses automatically tells me she's confident, independent, head strong, and knows the potential of a fab fur! I mean lets be real my friends, with Great Faux Fur comes Great Responsibility! With that  in mind I took the time to put together 8 Super Fab Faux Fur looks you should definitely get Into! Take a look!
Fab Faux Fur!

Is there a Fab Faux Fur in your Fashion Future? Which one of these picks is your favorite?

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Love these looks! I just checked out a faux fur on yesterday that I think I see in my closet in the near future!! Lol!

    xo, Kenya
    Kenya L Fashion Blog


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