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10 Looks Every Blogger Should Try Atleast Once!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! I hope everyone is off to a Fab start to this Beautiful Tuesday! I absolutely luv being a Blogger! Blogging gives me the chance to wear things I might not have had the opportunity to wear in life and share it with the world. Here are 10 looks I think every Fashion Blogger should dawn and post at least once and my 10 supportive reasons why! Check it out!

10 Blogger Looks

1. Freakum Dress- While the name says it all with this dress, you have no idea the power of being a woman until you Rock 1!
2. Workwear- No matter if you stomp on Corporate America by day or work from home, everyone should have the perfect wear to work look.
3. Swimwear-Who hasn't dream of rocking killer swimwear on a deserted island holding a Strawberry Margarita?
4. Lingerie- Victoria Secret who? Wait till they get a load of me in this....Keep it classy Ladies!
5. Ball Gown- While I may never attend the Grammy's, I can damn sure look like I'm going!
6. Jeans- On the days when the world seem to be ending it'll be me and my favorite pair of do no wrong jeans!
7. Menswear- They say this is a mans world, but I'm entitled  to disagree.....
8 Wedding Dress- What little girl doesn't dream of wearing one of these?
9. Costume- Am I the only one who likes to release her inner Demon Whore at least once per year?
10. Workout Wear- Have you ever wanted to give up but your workout wear was just too damn cute?

Have you tried or plan on trying any of these looks? Is so leave a comment sharing your thoughts!


  1. Great post! I need to try ball gown and wedding dress :)

    1. Thanks June! I'm hoping to knock out the ball gown, swimwear, and lingerie before the end of the year....wish me luck!

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