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Buy Borrow Bury All About the Dress Edition!

For this weeks edition of Buy Borrow Bury we have 3 of my favorite ladies, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tatyana Ali and Rocsi Diaz. Most of you already know the rules but for the ones who don't you have the option of choosing either Buy, Borrow, Bury for each look but each option can only be used once! Have fun and remember inquiring minds are watching and want to know which you would Buy Borrow and Bury!


  1. I would buy the second one, borrow the first, and bury the last :) btw this is such a cool idea!! Love it <3
    Would you mind if I used the "buy, borrow, burry" game on my blog? I've been searching for a new idea to post and I think this would be great:)

  2. Love the dress in the middle.. i'm sure it will be Perfect on me ;)


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