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BadeyBey Inspired Favorite Things!

Happy Thursday Fabulites! We are just one day away from calling this week a fashion wrap and I can't wait! Today instead of sharing with you my Fit of the day I thought I'd do something a little different and share with you a fun shoot I did the other day showcasing some of my current favorite fashion items, Take a look!
I received this dress as a Christmas present and knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with my favorite Vixen thigh high boots! I live in South Florida where the daily temperature is easily above 80 degrees so I do my best to make the boots get in where they fit in without me suffering from some sort of heat stroke! I luv a great black and white pattern so I knew the dress would be a hit. With a couple persistent workouts, Deliver Lean, and the boost of confidence I got from seeing those pictures of @BadeyBey I went in to pull the look together! Don't judge me!

Anyways thats' it for my current Fashion Finds but I'd luv to know what fashions Boost your Confidence?
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  1. You look AMAZING LADY! Great All Around Outfit! MALE APPROVED! - JT

  2. Love Mod look.... Please check out my blog, follow if you like.


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