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Tuesday Trends- Cutout Platform Pumps!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! Hope everyone is of course off to a Fashionable start! For this weeks Tuesday's Trend I thought we could get into Cut-Out Platform Pumps!! Now before everyone gets all crazy and starts talking what they can't do just give me a moment to speak on my personal experiences with them. One of my most favorite pair of shoes are my Jessica Simpson Andy Platform Pump but at first glance it's hard to understand how anyone other than a streetwalker would be able to walk in them. But contrary to what you might believe I actually find them easier to walk in than most of my other pumps and that's mainly because of the platform. Are they perfect for everyday wear, by no means, but if you're looking to Rock a ShowStopper for a night out on the town...Perfect! Take a look at couple of my Gojane Favorites!

Cutout Platform Pumps

What are your thoughts on CutOut Platform Pumps, Are they a Yay or Nay in your book?


  1. Beautiful!!! Of course walking with these pumps is very difficult:)

    1. Thanks for commenting Gloria and I agree they can be difficult but just like any other skill, they can be

  2. Hmmm I'm undecided on these. It's almost *too* much going on. You know what I mean?

    Avec Amber

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  4. sexy!


  5. I love those platforms! I wana kno where 2e get'm plz. Ps i love the print idea. I was goin 4 cheetah this year

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