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Jumpsuit Perfection and Top 5 Most Wanted!

While it might not be the first thing you think of when entertaining ideas of wowing the crowd, on numerous occasions I have seen the Jumpsuit change lives! Who can forget the fabness Rose Byrnes wore to the Sag Awards or the numerous ones my girl Gabrielle Union has Rocked! Not only for entertainers, the Jumpsuit has played a vital fashion role and gotten the job done in my very own life. In my book of do's and don't this is one trend every fashionista should try at least once. Take a look at my current Top 5 Most wanted JumpSuits!

Jumpsuit Perfection!

Have you ever rocked a Jumpsuit, Or is there a Jumpsuit wearing Diva inside Dying to come out?

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  1. I need numbers 3 and 5 like yesterday! Soooo fabulous!

    1. Yes Fashion Pad those are definitely my favorites! I can just see myself having a ball in the green Rachel Roy!! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Replies
    1. Great taste! My favorite one! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love them all but I really need #1 and #5...nice

  4. Thanks for commenting Christa and I am obsessed with the print of #1!


Thanks for commenting its greatly appreciated.