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Let There be Kicks!

Happy Thursday FABulites!! I hope everyone is off to a fantastic start to this beautiful day!! I so wanted to share my Fit of the Day Fabness with you all but my Iphone apparently had other plans and erased all 7 picts I bribed my sweetie into taking for me this morning! Yes I know, As If!!! Because being a Blogger is all about learning to think quickly in fashion emergencies, have no fear as I bring you my Michael Antonio Kicks of the Day....Take a Look!
Picked these beauties up during the Bakers Store Closing Sale and immediately we were a match made in Heaven! Michael Antonio if you're out there somewhere reading this post, please get at Me!

The best thing about these Michael Antonio Multi Colored beauties besides the fact that I managed to cop them for a Cute $28, and you can wear them with almost anything, is how comfortable they are on your feet! Trust me when I tell ya ladies, these are the ones you put on when you want to want to be cute and you know your going to be standing on your feet for a long time!
What Kicks are you wearing to Kick Start your Thursday?
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