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Springs Top 10 Must Have Bottoms!

How many of you Ladies know the power of having a good bottom? By wearing it with confidence you've won half the battle, but choosing the right one will solidify your fabness factor! Take a look at the Frugal Flirty N Fab's must have10 Spring Bottoms sure enough to keep you Bottom's Up! Take a look!

Must Have Bottoms!
What's currently on your must have Spring Bottom's Up List? Which of my Must Haves are your favorites? 


  1. I absolutely love #s 8 and 9! I am adding them to my must-have list also!

    Great pics, Deidre :-)

    1. Add on Miss Dre!! I am definitely stalking #8! Thanks for commenting!!

  2. love this list :) #8!! Please and thank you lol

  3. Thanks Ebony! I have already pictured 100 ways I can rock #8!! Fab indeed!! Thanks for commenting!


Thanks for commenting its greatly appreciated.