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Celeb Looks of the Week I Clearly Could Have Done Without!

I'm on the fence when it comes to Celebrity Style. I think its kinda harsh to judge someones attire based on your personal likes and dislikes especially since I base a majority of my blog on wearing what makes you feel good. But on the other side of the stick I do believe entertainers have an obligation to look the best they can and make the best out of every opportunity. Here are my 3 Celebrity Looks of the week, My soul clearly could have done without and why, Take a Look!
Celeb Disasters
One of the Only people I luv more than Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope, and clearly Olivia and her team should have stepped in and prevented this look from happening. Hell I'm mad at Michael Kors for even creating such a look! Kerry I beg of you, Do Better! Jennifer my Jennifer, Girl Why? I know we all can get caught up in the print mixing but to add those shoes to an already questionable look just adds injury to insult!  I think Zoe meant well but in my opinion it was the wrong look for the wrong occasion. What about that Elvira skirt said MTV Movie Awards? Was Zoe in Character?  Someone please Que that Lauryn Hill When it Hurts So Bad!
Where do you stand when it comes to Celebrity Style? Are they obligated to dazzle and mesmerize us with their style? What are your thought on these Celebrity Looks?



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