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10 Leaf Print Fits to Get Into!

TGIF Fabulites!!! Before we get into todays' Fashion Trend I just would like to send a big Congratulations to the Miami Heat for being the 2013 NBA Champions.  Spurs fans should be happy as well cause they also played one hell of a game! Now that I got that out the way lets focus on today's topic at hand. We all know that florals are a huge print for Spring/Summer but today I say dare to be different and get into one of my favorite prints, the Leaf Print. Take a look at my top 10 Leaf Print pieces all priced under $50 and just dying for me to Get Into!

Leaf Prints

What are your thoughts on the Leaf Print Pattern, Bold or Cold, Rock em or Sock em?


  1. Diedre - Would love to see a post with you wearing one of these FAB outfits!! They are CUTE! LOVE Them.

    1. Thanks Phaedra and I posted a picture of me wearing a leaf print short set on Saturday on my Instagram @frugalflirtynfab, check it out:-)

  2. Also, #2, #8, #6, and #7 are my favs!

  3. Omg i love them all!!
    Nice post, have a nice weekend

    Kisses from Mexico

  4. Thanks for visiting Paola and kisses right back to Mexico!!


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