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Let it Out Tuesdays!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! Hope all are off to a great start to what for me will be another extremely HOt day! Normally I don't wear my hair out at work for fear that for 1 my coworkers won't be able to handle it, and 2 that I take a mid day trip to the restroom and see that shrinkage  and the natural hair devils have me walking around looking like a damn fool! But every now and then we come across those days when we want to just let it all hang out, and apparently today is that day! I mean if Oprah can flaunt her fro on the cover of her magazine I know I can work my office building with mine, shrinkage and all!
Fabulites How are you letting it all out this Tuesday? Do you find that it takes an extra boost of confidence to rock your natural look to the 9-5 or does it just come second nature?


  1. you look cute.

    please vote for me

    1. Sandy you had me at C.U. And you definitely have my vote!


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