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Paying It Forward!

Happy Hump Day Fabulites! One of my favorite radio stations uses Wednesday's to do what they call Paying It Forward. Paying it forward simply means doing something nice for someone who could use it. For weeks I thought about how I could pay it forward and this morning it came to me. I can pay it forward to another blogger by sharing my blogging woes and hoping they learn a little something from my mistakes. When I first started blogging I was so interested in sharing my fab finds with others that I paid very little attention to the opportunities I had at hand. Today as I quietly celebrated my 4th year BlogAversary I only wish I knew then what I know now . You see I was under the impression that if I just posted constantly on cute finds the success would come but boy was I wrong! When I think of the opportunities that slipped from right underneath my nose it pains me. You see I thought of every excuse I could as to why my blog wasn't growing at the rate I thought it should. I blamed everyone for my short comings but myself. I thought I wasn't where I wanted to be because of prejudices withing the fashion community, I thought brands chose not to work with me because of my race, and I thought that I wasn't being recognized by my peers and those in my community due to selfishness. Today I know that couldn't have been further from the truth. I now realize that the lack of growth for my blog was all due to me and my practices. Blogging just like anything else that you love doing takes a lot of work. Yes, it comes with being able to attend great events, maybe free clothes, and what may appear to be a lack of having to attend the old ball and chain 9-5. The truth of the matter is that hard work is what weans out the wanna b's from the actual successful Bloggers. While I was constantly talking about what I didn't have I completely forgot about the opportunities available to me. I took for granted that the only way to have what you want in this blogging game is to work hard, learn your craft, share what you know with others, don't be afraid to take chances and most importantly be yourself because everyone else is taken. If you do find a lack of opportunities doing what you love, then don't be afraid to create your own. Today I take great pride in seeing the accomplishments of Bloggers who started out with me but took the road less traveled, the one paved out of hard work! I mean I see my fellow Bloggers doing commercials, getting major brand endorsements, hosting fab events, creating a comfy income, and creating the lives they've dreamed of. If this is your will it can be yours too! My best advice to my fellow and future Bloggers is set your standards high and go after it every single day!
How can you Pay it Forward this Hump Day!



  1. What a nice post, i have to accept im afraid sometimes to do something new, because i think that it couldn't work, but its perfect to take chances!!

    Kisses and good luck!!

  2. Great inspirational post


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