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Kicks of the Day and 4 Ways to Rock Em!

Fabulites, If you're anything like me,  you'd prefer not to break the bank when trying out the latest trends. I mean there is always that possibility that you simply can't pull off the look, or that it's one of those looks that only works on a stage somewhere, or even worst they hurt like hell before you can even get out the door in them! During those times when you want to test and try while keeping your costs to a minimum, Head over to the Frugal Flirty N Fab's, Ive gotcha covered! Check out Today's Kicks of the Day and 4 SuperFab Ways to Rock Em!
Peep Toe Booties!

At the always cute price of  $37.99, are Today's  Black Zipper Patent Leather Peep Toe Knee Booties a Rock or Roll? Just promise me that you'll picture the possibilities before you decide!


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