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Fit of the Day!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! Off to a pretty fab start to this Tuesday and wanted to share with you my Fit of the Day! I gave my girl Kim Kardashian a hard time about about what she wore during her pregnancy but I am learning all too well that the struggle is real. Some of you have no idea just how real it truly is! Anyways for today's fit I'm rocking my Forever 21 jeans, Praise Jesus I can still fit these, White sheer top (old) that probably has one more week of life in it, and my throwback purple bow shoes to add the cuteness factor, How do I look?  Knocked up but never Knocked out will be my motto for the next 10 or so weeks...I really hope you all hang in there with me cause it's going to be quite a ride!
What are you wearing for your Tuesday Fit of the Day?


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