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Peplum Pants, Pimp Or Pass?

I'm all for the Peplum Craze that for the past couple years at least has had us as fashionistas captivated,  But after seeing some rather horrible pictures of Kim Kardashian rocking a very unflattering pair I have to say I'm on the fence with wether they're a Do or a Don't. I mean for the most part I like the fact that they provide a little extra coverage which is always nice,but do we really want anything protruding from our hip area ever? Take a look for yourself and let me know where you stand on this trend!
Peplum Pants

Fashionistas both near and far, Is it a Pimp or Pass on the Friday Trend of the Day, Peplum Pants?


  1. I keep seeing these and I just think they are horrendous. LOL!

    1. Thanks for commenting @FabEllis and I agree I have seen them look more crazy than nice but I think if you find a pair that works with your body type they'll look great!


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