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Phillip Lim Kicks of the Day!

Hello Fabulites! How's everyone enjoying this Friday Eve? I know this is off topic, but Can I just take a brief second to tell you all about the Steak McMuffin I had from McDonalds this morning? By no means do I want to promote a unhealthy way of living but take it from me, That McMuffin is Bout Dat Lyfe (Tasha Mack Voice). Anyways since I was a little out of the norm today from breakfast I thought I'd Dream the Impossible Dream and post these Phillip Lim Beauties as the  Kicks of the Day, Take a look!
Kicks of the Day

For a $950 Price Tag I'd clearly have to wear these shoes to work, play, parent meetings, jogging, and all my other activities but today I just wanna know how you'd Rock Em?


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