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The Truth about Being 30 Weeks Knocked Up!

FABulites listen up! Today I want to give you The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth about being 30 weeks Knocked up!  Everything was going fine and dandy until I had the awesome idea to hit up the nearest Ross/Burlington for something cute to wear for my 30th week pregnancy update and that's when ish got Real! I read that the third trimester is when you do most of your weight gaining but it seems like I'd been so busy living lyfe that I hadn't realized exactly how much I'd grown. After trying on what seemed like over 100 looks nothing worked!
 Somewhere between my 50th-100th look I found myself involved in some serious air boxing inside the fitting room. I mean was a cute semi body con dress with a fab pair of hooker heels without the fat meat from my swollen feet hanging out too much to ask for? Anyways after a long discussion with myself I realized I was actually in my final stretch, that I couldn't wait to meet Baby Fab and just maybe it was time for me to put my shopping addictions to the side and focus more on a Healthy Happy Pregnancy.  For this weeks random acts of pregnancy I shed 2 tears when Hubby ate the last pack of Turkey Breast, had the insane urge to make a preggo twerking video, and have envisioned myself enjoying my first alcoholic drink of any and everything for New Years Eve and I can't wait! Hey I have my motivation and you have yours!  That completes my 30 week update, hard to believe 31 weeks could have even more in store but stay tuned!
Thanks for hearing me out Fabulites, and feel free to share with me in the comments what it was like in you or your significant others 30th week of pregnancy!
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