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Fall Florals, Go Dark or Go Home!

Happy Tuesday Fabulites! Hope everyone is off to a terrific start to the beautiful day. Yesterday I found myself feeling a little sluggish so I did what anyone 29 weeks preggo  and fighting a war on fat would do and hit the park! I walked 2 miles and I have to say I'm feeling super exuberant today. Even though I spent 20 minutes in my car trying to buckle my shoes this morning and the air conditioning was broken when I entered my office building, nothing can diminish my energy today.  Now with that all out the way lets jump right into my Tuesday Trend, Dark Florals! Dark Florals are all the rage for Fall and just in case you were unaware take a look at my Top 10 must Haves to find out why.......
Fall Florals

Fabulites, Are you planning on adding Dark Florals to your Fall Wardrobe? Which of my top 10 looks are your favorite?



  1. love florals

    Please enter my giveaway

    1. Thanks Sandy and I will be sure to enter your giveaway!

  2. I am LIVING for #5.I wish I could pull off #3 but I don't think I'm exciting enough :P Great finds! Florals CAN work in fall. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for commenting @angel and I'm glad you like them!


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