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So Fresh and So Clean Kicks of the Day!

TGIF Fabulites!!! Although I'm just working from home part time I find myself looking forward to the weekends now more than ever! In my ode to all things Weekends I just wanted to end my week with a pair of So Fresh and So Clean Steve Madden Hotties .......Take a look!

Kicks of the Day

What can you possibly say about these refreshing Steve Madden Marlenee Floral Ankle Strap Heels that the shoes haven't already said for you? What could be better than throwing these on then heading out to your favorite Breakfast spot on a Saturday morning?  Do you own a pair of shoes that without having to say a word, instantly Kick your Weekends into high gear? If so share them with the Frugal Flirty N Fab!


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    1. Thanks for commenting @BernettaStyle and theses are also great if your a South Floridian with the 80 degree winter temps!


Thanks for commenting its greatly appreciated.