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Vengeance is Mine!

Happy Monday FABulites! I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic Valentines Day Weekend. Friday all I wanted was a chick flick and a stiff drink but it turned out my babysitter got called into work, the movie was sold out, there was a 2 hour wait at the restaurant for my drink, and my Valentines Day gift didn't fit. All in all I still managed to enjoy my day. Saturday and Sunday was spent at Maury's first basketball tournament (Slamfest Open) for the 2014 season. The Below the Rim kids did a great job placing second place overall in the series. Khamaury worked hard and ended up winning the All Tournament player of the game. It was also Kings first time experiencing our hectic basketball weekends and I must say clearly he's bout that lyfe! I completed my Sunday evening with a great BBQ at my sisters place complete with family, food, fun and drinks of course! Enough about my award winning weekend lets get into my Kicks of the day, Vengeance anyone?


I'm not sure what I luv most about theses shoes, the fact that come complete with a 6.5 inch heel , the fab color and prints, or the super fab price tag! Either way Vengeance is all mine! What do you say Fabulites, Is it a Fab or Drab for the Frugal Flirty N Fab Kicks of the Day?

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