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Fab's Celebrity Look of the Week!

Happy Hump Day FABulites! Today the Frugal Flirty N Fab is all about Celebrity Style! I've scowered the net in search of the looks that caught my eye this week and below for one reason or another are my favorites!
Celebrity Style

I'm not sure what's happening or maybe it's just me, but Jennifer Hudson has been slaying em since she got the new hair cut. It's like her style transitioned and you can see the confidence all over her face...Yes. Ms. Hudson! My girl Rihanna is doing what Rihanna does best, putting on a fashion show as only she can, don't try this at home kids and can we just bask in the glory of her jacket........I've always been a fan of Estelle's style and this skirt is just one of the many reasons why, head to toe perfection my lady. They say Lupita is new to this fashion thing but the fashionista in me begs to differ. She may be new to the Celebrity aspect of it, but one look and you know this girl was Born to Style! Last but not least it's my girl Khloe giving us Bad Ass and not giving a damn about it...Killin em softely Khloe! Ok you got my input on my top looks now will it be Jennifer, Rihanna, Lupita, Estelle, or Khloe for Fab's overall Celeb Look of the Week?

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