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Throwback Thursday--She Gotta Dunk!

Every time I turn around there's another picture or video of someone who has just gotten butt implants or injections and I just hope these girls (and boys) know what they are getting into! Yes the booty was made famous by stars like Beyonce, Serena Williams, and J. Lo but the measures some are taking is absolutely unbelievable! Don't get me wrong cause Yes,  there's power in the Dunk, but  to risk your life for a Dunk is just absurd!  Yes it will probably help you further your career and might even make it easier for you to get the things you want a lot faster ,but when the dunk has taken you as far as you can possibly go then what? After yours has been gawked at, admired, played with, profiled, tapped, and worshiped repeatedly some new hot thing with a even bigger  more improved dunk will push you right out the spotlight. After you have lived out your 15 minutes of fame and you're stuck with the extra baggage of having to carry the dunk,  clothe the dunk, deal with the costs of keeping the dunk lifted, and having men treat you like you are some sort of freak because of the dunk,  Will it even be worth the pain and agony?  I mean after all, its just a dunk!

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