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Throwback Thursday- Is there a Interventionist in the House?

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While I may be Frugal, Flirty and Fab I have never said I was perfect by any means. Through out the work week I stick to a healthy eating plan of mostly vegetables, lean meats, low carbs, and at least 8 glasses of water a day only to loose my head on the weekends. So today as I sit at my desk giving everyone I see making a purchase from the snack machine a dirty look I am forced to wonder could I possibly be in need of a interventionist. Truthfully, one of the main motivational reasons for working out is so that I can have a good retail therapy experience bright and early on Saturday morning. On the days when the junk food seems to be calling me the most I will even move my shopping experience up to Friday which will give me an extra day of pigging out. I can't believe I am so strong and disciplined during the week and such a mess on the weekends. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about. This week I started my experience on Friday night with a quart of Special Fried Rice and a 10 piece Honey Garlic Wing. Saturday is when things took a turn as I enjoyed Waffle house for breakfast, China Buffet for lunch, and Pollo Tropical for dinner. Sunday I made my way to the local 7-11 where I loaded up on Junk Food then ended my evening with Bread, Buffalo Wings, Burger, Frozen Margarita, and a dessert from Fridays. Then as I sit at my desk eating a plate of broccoli today all I can reflect on is the beauty I experienced over the weekend. Why Cant I Be Great, deep inside I know the answer to this...Instead of judging me do what's right and share your junkfood trials and tribulations with me and lets seek help together....How do you go about making your healthy eating habits part of your lifestyle and not just a challenge you take on Monday-Fridays?

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