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Throwback-My Body's Beautiful!

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As I was going over my local newspaper this morning I came across an article where a professional stylist tried to give tips on what she felt were some of the major body fashion flaws in the industry. It got really interesting when I read that one of the major flaws was having thick thighs. This really caught my attention immediately because as an African American woman that's something that a majority of us have yet in our culture its not something we look at as a flaw, but most often as a good thing. The second piece of advice that the stylist gave was to not wear skinny jeans if you have a big butt. This too caught my attention and rubbed me the wrong way because in actuality, if you do have a big butt stretch skinny jeans in my opinion are some of the only jeans that will fit you nicely. I'm saying all this to say that if we promoted more African Americans in fashion it would be known that many of us are proud of our butts and thighs and find it offensive when someone views these characteristics as being body flaws. Some of the biggest stars and entertainers in the industry today that are known for having the best bodies have earned their titles due to the small waist, thick thighs, and round bottoms that they were blessed with. I just wished that the industry took more time to showcase our bodies more rather than make anyone think our bodies are less than beautiful. Its no wonder that so many little girls and young women have body issues. But today you will hear it from the Frugal, Flirty, and Fab herself, your Body is Beautiful! 

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